Teaching at Southeastern

I primarily teach the courses below at the Bachelors and Masters (MA & MDiv) levels.  In the past, I’ve taught variety of missions practicum courses in conjunction to international mission trips and courses that are paired with conferences.

Courses I Teach

Christian Theology // Liberation Theologies // Theology in Global Context // Doctrine of Vocation

I delight in mentoring graduate and post-graduate (MACS thesis, Th.M., D.Min, Ed.D. & Ph.D.) students working in my primary areas of research.  Due to time limitations, I’m not able to supervise every student who inquires to study with me.  The primary factors I weigh when considering research student are:

  1. Student aptitude and research ability
  2. Intersection with my research interests

My Research Interests 

Black Theology // African American Christian History // Theological Method // Racial Reconciliation // Doctrine of Vocation.

If you are interested in studying with me, please fill out the following form so I can get to know you and your research interest.  While this is not an official component of the admissions process, it will help me determine if I can serve as your major professor.