The Call to Social Justice and Social Engagement

Six months before joining the North Greenville University family in chapel I was asked to speak on “The Call to Social Justice and Social Engagement.” The week I was scheduled to delver this message was at the height of Christians debating the believe’s engagement with social injustice.  My address begins at 22:29 (follow the link below), but the worship through song that precedes my message is fantastic.  Please note: there are a few times when the audio goes out, but it comes back in.

Click here to watch the video

The Significance of Charles Octavius Boothe

I’ll never forget the day I stumbled across Charles Octavius Boothe’s Plain Theology for Plain People with the help of my colleague, Keith Harper.  I was overjoyed at this discovery and The Gospel Coalition asked me to write about why reintroducing Boothe’s book was significant for me.  Click the picture to read the article.