“Will the Real Charles Octavius Boothe Please Sit Down”

This short lecture was given at the Plain Theology for Plain People book release event on September 20, 2018.  In this presentation, I demonstrate the significance of Boothe’s theological contribution for contemporary evangelicalism.

Please find the lecture here: Plain Theology for Plain People Book Release Lecture.

Purchase a copy of the book via Amazon or from the publisher Lexham Press.




Race and the Gospel

One of my deepest joys is to help equip churches to embody the Revelation 7:9-10 vision of “every tribe, tongue, and nation.” Here is my basic introduction to Race the the Gospel, I hope it is helpful.

Boaz’s One-Another Mindset: Reimagineing Privilege as Stewardship (Ruth 2:5-12)

I was honored by Cedarville University to receive a 2017 alumni award.  President White also invited me to speak in chapel where I preached on the “Boaz’s One-Another Mindset” in Ruth 2 (the sermon starts at the 17:45 mark in the video).  The challenge is for people of means not to be ashamed of their power, influence or privilege, but to steward it, like Boaz, on behalf of another.