A Biblical Motivation to Pursue Diversity

The Strengthen the Church Conference was hosted by the North Carolina Baptist Convention.  This year’s goal was to strengthen the church by giving church leaders resources to reach their neighborhoods, many of which are multicultural.

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My Recent Appearance in the New York Times

On November 15, 2018, I was interviewed by Molly Worthen for an op-ed that was published by the New York Times on April 20, 2019. The article included quotes from a nearly 75-minute conversation regarding my experience in the Southern Baptist Convention against the backdrop of the racial turmoil in our country. In our conversation, she asked questions about my engagement with theologian James Cone in light of my stated commitment to Southeastern Seminary’s confessional and affirmed statements. Since the article was published, I’ve had several conversations about the quotes that were used as well as my interaction with Cone’s work. I understand Worthen’s role as a journalist and academic, and I am always appreciative of those who engage these issues. Given some resulting confusion, I think it is important to add some context to my statements that was not able to be included in the piece.  (read the rest of my response, here).