Diversity Assessment & Strategic Planning

Crafted for senior leadership, the assessment and strategic planning sessions combine evaluation with action. The assessment phase takes a snapshot of an organization by identifying its mission, vision, organizational structure and relational dynamics that are indicative of its potential to diversify. The leadership converges for a strategic planning workshop to examine the results of the assessment and strategize ways to position the organization for multicultural growth.

Assessment Phase

  • Organizational Survey: This survey will be taken by a single member of the executive/senior leadership team.
  • Information Request: Further information will likely be requested to clarify content from the Organizational Survey.
  • On-Site Visit: We’ll travel to you and conduct exploratory conversations with senior leadership, and interview middle management, students and members to conclude the assessment phase.

Strategic Planning Phase

  • Executive Workshop: Assessment findings and data will be communicated to your leadership team. The consultant will begin the workshop by proposing suggestions and the primary feature of the discussion will be the implementation of a strategic diversity plan.
  • Follow-Up: A follow-up interaction will be scheduled to engage matters that emerged during implementation.

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