The Significance of Charles Octavius Boothe

I’ll never forget the day I stumbled across Charles Octavius Boothe’s Plain Theology for Plain People with the help of my colleague, Keith Harper.  I was overjoyed at this discovery and The Gospel Coalition asked me to write about why reintroducing Boothe’s book was significant for me.  Click the picture to read the article.


Heroes of Black Church History

I joined radio personality, dean, and pastor Chris Brooks on his show, Equipped, to discuss two of my favorite theologians: Charles Octavius Boothe and J. Deotis Roberts.  Click the picture to listen.

Rhythms of the Good Life

The “Wisdom Forum: The Good Life” set out to answer the question: What does it look like for believers to wisely engage the intersection of faith and culture in daily life?  I had a five minute spot called “Rhythms of the Good Life.”  This was the most challenging presentation I’ve ever done – I’ve played drums, I’ve spoken scores of times, but never at the same time. Click the link to watch the video.