Race and the Gospel

One of my deepest joys is to help equip churches to embody the Revelation 7:9-10 vision of “every tribe, tongue, and nation.” Here is my basic introduction to Race the the Gospel, I hope it is helpful.


A Letter from a Birmingham Jail: 50+ Years Later


In honor of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I was asked to lead a forum that explored King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail sponsored by the Sam James Institute of the Summit Church in Durham, NC. Our hope was to reacquaint ourselves with the letter and its author, in order to discuss how the letter’s content is applicable today.  Here is an outline of the video marked by a timestamp:

  • Quotes by MLK (through 33:30)
  • Welcome by Bowe Butler (33:31)
  • Introductory Comments by JD Greear: Why this conversation is important for a church to have (35:37)
  • My introduction to Dr. King and the Letter from a Birmingham Jail (59:01)
  • Panel discussion (1:09:30)