Cultural Awareness in Discipleship

A growing number of churches have been captured by the vision of every tribe, tongue and nation being represented in their churches.  In an effort to promote this Kingdom in our churches the rudimentary elements of what it means to do church and ministry must be reconsidered in light of John’s Revelation 7:9-10 vision. Discipleship is one of those fundamental Christian tasks that we need to reimagine to consider the cultural dynamics that come into play.

This podcast was recorded during a breakout session at the 2018 Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Annual Meeting.

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Rhythms of the Good Life

The “Wisdom Forum: The Good Life” set out to answer the question: What does it look like for believers to wisely engage the intersection of faith and culture in daily life?  I had a five minute spot called “Rhythms of the Good Life.”  This was the most challenging presentation I’ve ever done – I’ve played drums, I’ve spoken scores of times, but never at the same time. Click the link to watch the video.

Five Short Videos on Diversity and Multiculturalism in the Church

During the 2018 annual North Carolina Baptist State Convention disciple-making conference we shot 5 short (nearly one-minute) videos capturing my thoughts on diversity and multiculturalism in the church.  Follow the links below:

No culture has a monopoly on the Gospel.

Embracing the difficulty of multiculturalism.

The Bible and cultural differences.

Being “colorblind” is harmful to the church.

Learning to celebrate other cultures.