History and Theology of the Black Church

1Charleston is “a multi-ethnic, interdenominational, and Christ centered platform that empowers churches to embrace the multi-ethnic Gospel in deep and practical ways” in Charleston, South Carolina.  They hosted a conference and invited me to attempt the impossible; to summarize 400 years of black church history and theology in 60 minutes.  I hope my attempt is helpful to you.


4 thoughts on “History and Theology of the Black Church

  1. paigebritton

    Hello Walter — a few of your readers loved this history overview so much that we’d like to have a transcript of it to refer to for the details. Was a transcript ever made? If not, would you mind if I made one? It’s a thing I do for pastors and speakers sometimes. I’d like to share it with a closed FB group (Pass the Mic, from Jemar Tisby’s and Tyler Burns’s Reformed African American Network) and of course I’d be glad to give it to you to post alongside the talk itself! Please let me know (here or by email) if that’s okay.
    Paige Britton

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