Race in America Panel


All Things to All Men, a student group based out of Southeastern Seminary hosted an event called “Race in America” that sought revisit recent racial tensions in our country.  I was honored to be a voice on the panel that represented different vocations, ages, and races.  Unfortunately the key component of a woman’s voice was missing, but we grieved in the absence of panelist Roshaunda Breedden who lost a relative the week of the event and was unable to attend.

I have been on a number of panels on race, but this one was unique.  I have never been among a group of believers (both panelists and audience) that were more willing to lovingly discuss our perspectives on current events with the explicate starting point that we are all siblings in God’s family.  We laughed, cried, and grieved together in the span of an hour and a half, please join us in the dialogue.

Panelists included, Mike Lawson (Director of Campus Security at Southeastern & Auxiliary Police Officer – Wake Forest Police Department), Jerome Gay (Pastor of Vision Church), Dwayne Milioni (Pastor of Open Door Church), Danny Akin (President of Southeastern Seminary) and myself.  Roshaunda Breeden (Diversity and Student Involvement Coordinator at North Carolina State University [absent]).

Watch the panel here.

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