Milestone (click this link)

Milestone (In the SBC)

Jamie Dean contrasts one SBC triumph, the likely appointment of the denomination’s first African-American president, with the racially oriented black-eye dealt by longtime SBC statesman Richard Land.  Dean was gracious enough to include me in the conversation.  Although my contribution was small, I am honored to be included in a dialogue of such importance.

Please note: As you reason through these matters, I would like to thank Richard Land for the humility he displayed in his 5 part apology ( he made on May 9th.  It was always my desire to speak the truth in love while giving Dr. Land the space to begin restoring broken fellowship.  Land’s recent remarks show his desire to listen to those he offended and own the consequences. Now those who were hurt by Land’s remarks must respond to our brother with humility and accept this genuine apology. With the testimony of Christ as my example, I accept Dr. Land’s apology. Let’s learn from the recent past and move forward together for the Gospel’s sake.


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